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" 20+ years into my career within the wider environmental, garden & landscape industry, i am still finding new adventures & new pathweays to embark on.....

Weather the storms or embrace them? ....

i'm learning more & more its the latter that gives us breath & forward movement to enjoy the calming seas when they arrive...

What a journey! excited for what the next 20+ years hold as the design projects become some of the most fulfilling ive been involved with ...


we all start somewhere & the idea is to just START!


As they say its not the destination its the journey... reminding ourselves to be present each & everyday we draw breath on this amazing place we call planet earth.

And just like good garden design its a process with many ups & downs, blockages, hurdles, challenges & ultimately triumph!

I love the journey as much as the reward,  Let me help you on that journey to a dream garden, and lets embrace the future! " 

Steve Dedrick

Garden designer 


ecological garden design.

future gardens.

to feel out of control and at the garden's mercy is to feel alive & present.

open your gardens lungs .... let the soil breathe 

endemic work towards building a healthy garden ecology.

we are dedicated to low impact simple but effective design outcomes.

one off bespoke design using resourceful ambition to make the most out of existing material. 

plants over concrete.ecology over aesthetics.soft over hard.less containment.let it grow wild.wildness over structure.soil over evrything.

historical value and sensitivity

Its present state & how it came to be

What the future can achieve & its direction for coming generations.

Artistic opportunity.

sustainable outcomes.

Water focus.

Botanical suitability.

Recycled mediums.

Environmental sensibility.

productive viability.

Creative engagement.

Community captivation.

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