*** whilst stocks last***




We currently have on offer these wonderful raised Self Watering Wicking Beds,


perfect to get started on your home productive garden and get those lovely Herbs & Veggies finally in action!!


Its a pretty simple system and acts as self watering system once the resevoir (which is at the bottom) is filled and the water can wick slowly up to the plants roots which will promote a deep root system for the plants and also act too keep the soil at a consistent moisture, not too dry and not too wet, 


The overflow valve on the side/bottom can be adjusted (levered down) to check water levels and to also empty out resevoir to change water if it is getting old,


There is also 2 x options for filling with water, there is a hose fitting connector so you can just plug it straight in, or alternatively there is an open pipe if you need to use watering cans etc


The timber is made from sustainably sourced Cypress Pine and is an extremly durable product for our Australian climate.


The resevoir at the bottom will hold approx 20-30L at full capacity



Endemic Self Watering Wicking Beds